I have an account with AT&T and I've been pretty disappointed with my web speeds, as well as their customer service. Apparently 1.5 Mbps is an acceptable speed if you're paying for a 3.0 Mbps connection...and the customer service rep I just talked to didn't seem to be familiar with Google Chrome, because she kept asking me to open Internet Explorer instead.

Do you have a really awesome ISP? What's your plan like, and how much do you pay?

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A while ago I wrote up these notes on residential ISPs in San Francisco.

In spite of wanting to support small independent ISPs I ended up with Comcast, which at the last time I had to make a decision was the only non-DSL game in town and I positively did not want to interact with AT&T. Note that the physical connection for all DSL is provided via AT&T and so you'll be seeing an AT&T technician even if you go with eg sonic.net.

If I were looking right now I'd seriously consider MonkeyBrains.net -- they offer wireless internet in SOMA and surrounding areas.


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welcome! to sfa! Great info. I use comcast power blast, and have been jumping from "promotion" to "promotion" to keep it under $60. I happy with their service so far..but i still hate comcast in general :)

(15 Jun '11, 23:45) ashbury ♦♦

I have a love hate relationship with my ISP (Comcast/Xfiniity). The speed is fast, but you pay for that in price. You have to always use the promotional deals. Currently, I pay $45/m for 21mps + basic cable ($10). The promotion ends in June, so I will have to switch to another promotion or pay $70+/m. You have to keep track when it ends too, or you will have a big surprise one month.


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