Flickr has at least one good photo of him. Searching Google yields even more pictures.

He's a middle-aged black man who carries around a bright yellow / green sign with the phrase JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU in block lettering. He looks like he might be a protester, but he's always around, even when there's no organized group.

He's usually near Union Square, by the intersection of Market and Powell, but I've also seen him further east along Market and by AT&T Park. Who is he, and why does he stand outside all the time?

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is that the guy?

(04 Dec '09, 05:19) ashbury ♦♦

I don't think I can embed things uploaded to Twitpic, but here's a link: Jesus Christ loves you.

This man's name is Jose. I've personally spoken with him. I asked his permission to take the photo, which is why you can see he's clearly posed for it. If you've seen him but never said hi, take a few minutes next time; he's eloquent and friendly, and very polite.

He used to live in New York, but has now been in San Francisco for around a decade, at least. He doesn't have a political agenda and isn't protesting with any group, or in opposition to any group, either. He simply wants everyone to know this message, and he's dedicated to spreading it. If you look closely, you can see that he even has the phrase embroidered on his hat and jacket.

From speaking with him, I got the impression that he was non-judgmental on a personal level, which sounds pretty consistent with Jesus's teachings. What a breath of fresh air among a lot of crazy people with signs in the city!

alt text

alt text


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There are two distinct (not to confuse them) religious messengers on San Francisco's Powell and Market Streets. They stand a few feet from each other and are in no way connected to each other. The JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU guy does not (normally) speak to the other individual.

    1. is always standing up
    2. simply holds a neon yellow sign
    3. does 'NOT' engage people verbally
    4. does not preach any message
    5. Normally, does not initiate conversations
    6. Normally, will not talk to anyone unless he is spoken to
    7. His only message is JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU
    8. does not tell people how to live their lives
    9. is not sensitive to other people's life styles
    10. wears casual clothing printed with JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU message
    11. moves around
    12. Attends events throughout San Francisco, CA
    13. Has only been around Powell and Market Streets since 2000-2001
  2. The other individual (in contrast)

    1. is always sitting down on a fire hydrant (at Powell and Market St.
    2. does not move around
    3. does engage people verbally
    4. does initiate conversations
    5. His preaching and the message on his sign are sexually based
    6. wears an old fashion hat
    7. wears a suit and tie
    8. his sign has multiple messages
    9. preaches multiple messages
    10. Never seen his sign anywhere else in San Francisco, CA
    11. Has been around Powell and Market St. a long time (years) before 2000

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this is some good stuff.

(15 May '13, 11:59) ashbury ♦♦

the guy that sits on the fire hydrant calls people 'whore mongers" if you have had sex before marriage or masturbated.. the only way for "god" to forgive you is to not have sex or masturbate. ever.

(15 May '13, 12:02) ashbury ♦♦

Hahahahh!!!!! I used to see this guy all the time.. I have some stories of provoking him..just a little. The guy you are referring to is Dr. Owen Bias; who urges No Unlawful Sex. Some info on the web says he started preaching since 1974; I'm not sure. Though I used to talk with all the time. He is against everything: Masturbation, sex before marriage, same-sex, gays, etc..

He says men who have had sex before marriage are whore mongers and have to practice abstinence for the rest of your life! Talk about overkill!

I added a perfect pic!

alt text


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This is a really useful picture of a weirdly religious local, but this isn't the guy I was thinking of!

(04 Dec '09, 05:52) Sharon ♦
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